Jazz Bands, Jazz Duo’s, Jazz Trio’s, Jazz Quartet’s, Jazz Quintet’s, Jazz Orchestra’s. 

Jazz Duo: 

Dubai Party Bands work with a variety of Jazz bands, musicians, bands and entertainers. All the entertainers we work with are professional and flexible. They can work as a 2 piece act or as part of an orchestra demonstrating their professionalism and abilities. They regularly work together in bigger formations ensuring an entertaining act for every occasion however for those on a budget this can be the perfect drinks entertainment.

Jazz Trio:

Add a little vocal or maybe a sax and enhance your Jazz entertainment. All Jazz musicians on our roster play in regular shows and at events on a weekly basis therefore they can add to their offering making it some of the best reception or dinner entertainment. Great Jazz Bands are hard to come across but when you find one, be sure to book them for a party.

Jazz Quartet:

We recommend a minimum of 4 for some good Jazz Band entertainment however we do understand that sometimes the budget just doesn’t stretch that far. We don’t go through lists of Jazz Bands and entertainers, we work to ensure you get the most customised solution for your event. We have bands and musicians capable of offering formations to suit every occasion from duos, trios, quartets, quintets and up to orchestras so do not hesitate to drop us a line with any Jazz Band queries.

Jazz Orchestra

When it comes to Jazz, the more players the better in our opinion. If you’d like the Duke Ellington Orchestra to perform then we can bring them to your event. They are some of the finest Jazz musicians you will come across however this could enhance your budget dramatically with flights, hotels, local transport etc.

Some local musicians may not be part of the Duke Ellington Orchestra but you will certainly find some fantastic talent in the region and they will guarantee to entertain your guests. An 8 or 9 piece Jazz Orchestra always looks great and gives the entertainers flexibility to perform all types of Jazz music.