Murder Mystery evenings have become extremely popular over the last number of years in Dubai and across the UAE. This is a relaxed evening of entertainment and all guests get involved in figuring out who is the killer. Some guests take part and become part of the plot but can you figure out who!

The Murder Mystery Evening is the most unique entertainment show to hit the Middle East! It is a unique problem-solving, team building “whodunnit” event. Guaranteed to have all of your colleagues feeling involved, regardless of age, gender, physical ability or designation. Murder Mystery is the ultimate staff activity to engage and excite your guests.

Guests will be given clues and opportunities to interrogate the suspects played by a team of experienced and highly-trained actors, as they try to work out the culprit. Along the way, there are twists and turns; shocks and surprises; and non-stop hilarity and excitement.

The director explains “I wanted to take the ‘whodunnit’ premise popularised in Western culture and add a more unique flavour, ushering in television and film elements to create a truly unique experience for all of our guests. We want our audience to have a chance to have fun, work as a team and feel like they’re in a film or television show. The emphasis is on interaction and enjoyment, all of our scripts are written with that in mind. I think our team of actors have created something really memorable.”

The package includes:
  • A full 2 hour murder mystery event hosted and performed by our team of highly experienced world-class actors.
  • Prizes and certificates.

Murder Mystery events can take place in most locations including villas, yachts, offices, hotels even arenas and we can custom script a plot for you if required.

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