Aerial Performers

Aerial Performers demonstrating their skill and bravery are some of the most impressive shows you will see at an event. Cirque Du Soleil has made it even more popular than ever before but these skills have been around for a very long time and were some of the first entertainers.

Shows consist of aerial performances, floor shows, aerial duos, trios or groups. We can include props to match your theme or colour scheme or you can decide on some character walk about entertainers such as stilt walkers to mix and mingle with your guests.

Please check out the below video link:
Aerial Acts and Performers – Dubai Party Bands

Aerial Performers, Acrobats, Aerial Trapeze, Aerial Silks, Duo, Trio

Aerial Performers, Acrobatics, Sky Shows…

Aerial Performers include:
Aerial Silk Solo / Duo
Aerial Lycra Solo / Duo
Aerial Chains Solo / Duo
Aerial Hoop Solo / Duo
Spanish Web
Aerial Mirror Bungee
Aerial LED
Aerial Ropes, Aerial Straps, Trapeze, Hammock
Aerial Chandelier
Aerial Bowl
Aerial Dress – Giant Dress
Aerial Umbrella, Diamond Ring
Aerial Moon, Sphere
Aerial Performance from a Helium Balloon

Aerial Act performing in a hoop live in action

Aerial acts and performers in Dubai

Floor Shows include:
Aerial Performers in an Arch, Moon, Cage, Standing Lamp
A Revolving Faberge Egg Performance
Performance in a large Martini Glass
Mermaid Performer in Water Tank or Pool
Synchronised Swimmers
LED Creatures, LED Pixel Poi, Fire Poi
An Air Balloon
Acro Duo, Trio or Mediterranean Acrobats (6 Aerial Performers)
Hand Stand Equilibre
Mirror Performers such as Mirror Dancers, Mirror Living Statues, Mirror Characters
Hover-boarders or Roller Blade Performers
Unicycle Performer, Clown Acrobat, Candy Hula Hoop Girl, Juggler, Fire Performer, Stilt Walkers, Roaming Parades
Kung Fu Performers

Other shows you may be interested in include:
On Ice Shows
Orchestral Shows
Dance Shows
Choir Shows
Celebrity Performances

*** All of the Aerial Performers have specific requirements such as space, height, ground surface etc. Most performances need a minimum of 6m but there are others that need more or require an outdoor performance such as the helium balloon acrobatics. Floor performances require enough space for the props, water etc and usually a flat, neat, clean, non slip surface.

Drop us a line regarding your requirements for Aerial Performances and any special or unique entertainers that you require for your ext event.