Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery evenings have become extremely popular over the last number of years in Dubai and across the UAE. This is a relaxed evening of entertainment and all guests get involved in figuring out who is the killer. Some guests take part and become part of the plot but can you figure out who!

The Murder Mystery Evening is the most unique entertainment show to hit the Middle East! It is a unique problem-solving, team building “whodunnit” event. Guaranteed to have all of your colleagues feeling involved, regardless of age, gender, physical ability or designation. Murder Mystery is the ultimate staff activity to engage and excite your guests.

Guests will be given clues and opportunities to interrogate the suspects played by a team of experienced and highly-trained actors, as they try to work out the culprit. Along the way, there are twists and turns; shocks and surprises; and non-stop hilarity and excitement.

The director explains “I wanted to take the ‘whodunnit’ premise popularised in Western culture and add a more unique flavour, ushering in television and film elements to create a truly unique experience for all of our guests. We want our audience to have a chance to have fun, work as a team and feel like they’re in a film or television show. The emphasis is on interaction and enjoyment, all of our scripts are written with that in mind. I think our team of actors have created something really memorable.”

The package includes:
  • A full 2 hour murder mystery event hosted and performed by our team of highly experienced world-class actors.
  • Prizes and certificates.

Murder Mystery events can take place in most locations including villas, yachts, offices, hotels even arenas and we can custom script a plot for you if required.

Talk to us today about your Murder Mystery event.


Aerial Performers

Aerial Performers demonstrating their skill and bravery are some of the most impressive shows you will see at an event. Cirque Du Soleil has made it even more popular than ever before but these skills have been around for a very long time and were some of the first entertainers.

Shows consist of aerial performances, floor shows, aerial duos, trios or groups. We can include props to match your theme or colour scheme or you can decide on some character walk about entertainers such as stilt walkers to mix and mingle with your guests.

Please check out the below video link:
Aerial Acts and Performers – Dubai Party Bands

Aerial Performers, Acrobats, Aerial Trapeze, Aerial Silks, Duo, Trio

Aerial Performers, Acrobatics, Sky Shows…

Aerial Performers include:
Aerial Silk Solo / Duo
Aerial Lycra Solo / Duo
Aerial Chains Solo / Duo
Aerial Hoop Solo / Duo
Spanish Web
Aerial Mirror Bungee
Aerial LED
Aerial Ropes, Aerial Straps, Trapeze, Hammock
Aerial Chandelier
Aerial Bowl
Aerial Dress – Giant Dress
Aerial Umbrella, Diamond Ring
Aerial Moon, Sphere
Aerial Performance from a Helium Balloon

Aerial Act performing in a hoop live in action

Aerial acts and performers in Dubai

Floor Shows include:
Aerial Performers in an Arch, Moon, Cage, Standing Lamp
A Revolving Faberge Egg Performance
Performance in a large Martini Glass
Mermaid Performer in Water Tank or Pool
Synchronised Swimmers
LED Creatures, LED Pixel Poi, Fire Poi
An Air Balloon
Acro Duo, Trio or Mediterranean Acrobats (6 Aerial Performers)
Hand Stand Equilibre
Mirror Performers such as Mirror Dancers, Mirror Living Statues, Mirror Characters
Hover-boarders or Roller Blade Performers
Unicycle Performer, Clown Acrobat, Candy Hula Hoop Girl, Juggler, Fire Performer, Stilt Walkers, Roaming Parades
Kung Fu Performers

Other shows you may be interested in include:
On Ice Shows
Orchestral Shows
Dance Shows
Choir Shows
Celebrity Performances

*** All of the Aerial Performers have specific requirements such as space, height, ground surface etc. Most performances need a minimum of 6m but there are others that need more or require an outdoor performance such as the helium balloon acrobatics. Floor performances require enough space for the props, water etc and usually a flat, neat, clean, non slip surface.

Drop us a line regarding your requirements for Aerial Performances and any special or unique entertainers that you require for your ext event.

Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment Professionals.

The big day! Don’t spoil your big day by hiring amateurs! Nobody remembers the food or the drink but everyone remembers how great the entertainment was, or at least they should. Recently in a survey over 90% of brides said they would spend more time and money on their wedding entertainment if they were to do it all again. It really makes the day special when your guests leave after an amazing evening of entertainment.

For a truly special day Dubai Party Bands know how important it is to get your wedding band, wedding DJ, wedding singers, wedding reception music right. It is a the vital component of your wedding day. We work with a variety of entertainers that will cater for all your wedding entertainment needs, wedding ceremony music, wedding reception music and entertainers to mix and mingle, wedding dinner music and the main event the wedding party band and DJ.

You want a night to remember! A night where your friends and family dance the night away and wake up with sore feet from being on the dance floor. Some of our recommendations include:

Wedding Ceremony:
Acoustic duo, Pianist, Gospel Choir, Violinist, Saxophone Player, Vocal Soloist, Tenor, Jazz Trio and more.

Wedding Entertainment with Anna, a Violinist and Pianist in Dubai.

Wedding Entertainment & Musicians

Wedding Reception:
Swing Band, Jazz Band, Mix and Mingle Characters like Magicians, Caricaturists, French Chanson Singers, a Vocal Group or Barbershop Quartet plus many others that can be discussed.



Wedding Dinner Entertainment:
To avoid the lull towards the end of dinner we recommend some light entertainment. Singing Waiters are a favourite but we also offer artists like Graffiti Classics, String Fever and much more. Interactive and fun wedding entertainment just before the party kicks off.

Wedding Party Entertainment:

Wedding Entertainment Dubai, Party Bands, Wedding DJ’s

Dubai Party Bands know how important it is to get your wedding band, wedding DJ, wedding singers, wedding reception music right. It is a the vital component of your wedding day. We work with a variety of entertainers that will cater for all your wedding entertainment needs, wedding ceremony music, wedding reception music and entertainers to mix and mingle, wedding dinner music and the main event the wedding party band and DJ.

Get the party started with a live band that will strike a note with your audience from the first chord. Get your guests to the dance floor and party into the night. We have a variety of wedding entertainment and party bands to cater for all tastes and budgets. Some of our acts are international and these unfortunately aren’t for the budget conscious!

Dubai Party Bands work with some of the best wedding entertainment and unique entertainers in the world who have also performed for royalty, celebrities and several other high profile weddings and events.

Give us a call on +971 568 347 487 or email info (at)

Unique Entertainers

When you want to really impress your guests. Leave them with that awe struck look leaving your event then you need to consider some unique entertainers and specialist entertainment. Street entertainment and characters that work in this field for a living know how to impress your audience. They are professional and travel the world entertaining audiences from every culture.

Some of these entertainers travel with shows including circus performances. They tour with Cirque shows and therefore availability varies depending on season, time frame and who or what show is actually touring.

  • Escapologists
  • Mind Readers
  • Light Performers
  • Unique Violinists
  • String Quartets with a difference
  • Graffiti Artists
  • Graffiti Classics String Quartet
  • Robots
  • Acrobats
  • Diva Characters
  • Diva Singing Waiters
  • Fire Poise Performers
  • Digital Art
  • Video Mapping
  • VJ’s
  • Unique Party DJ’s / MC’s
  • DJ and Drummer Combo
  • DJ and Saxophone Combo
  • Sword Swallowers
  • Street Entertainers
  • Mime Artists
  • Drummers
  • Hypnotists
  • Illusionists
  • Mind Readers
  • International Artists / Performers

Above is a list of just some of the artists that sit under this category. Some of the most amazing artistic performances you will come across for your next event. As mentioned availability can be tight with many of these unique entertainers having busy schedules so it is advised to book early.


Singing Waiters

Singing Waiters.

The Singing Waiters are certainly the most sought after and exciting entertainment for any party or event. They never fail to receive a standing ovation and huge applause. The Waiters have become the ‘must have’ act to perform at private and corporate events and the element of surprise, when the waiters sing like opera stars, has never ceased to amaze audiences worldwide.

The format of the Singing Waiters can vary however the recommended performances is with three singers covering different genres giving you the flexibility to have a little sing a long, maybe a pop song but with a grand opera finale. Your guests will be impressed and this is just the after dinner entertainment. This is setting the bar high for the rest of the event!

Our Singing Waiters come from the UK and Ireland. They have all performed in the West End in London and are classically trained professionals. They are born entertainers with real talent to perform and sing at the highest level while entertaining an audience.

The Singing Waiters will dress in the hotel or venue official uniform. They will mingle with your guests as they arrive assisting with cloak room facilities, drinks and general waiter duties so they blend in and get to know their guests. The guests become familiar with the waiters during this time also enhancing their shock at this amazing talent when they start to sing.

During dinner they will sing as a surprise for guests based on a bet or maybe a little argument with another “staff” member or “manager”, making it all more real. After dinner, around desert usually, the Singing Waiters will surprisingly break into a hair raising, highly charged and energetic performance of classical opera such as Nessun Dorma. Guests get involved, specific songs can be added to the set and the after dinner show will last approximately 25-30 minutes with song, dance and audience interaction.

The testimonials we receive regarding the Singing Waiters are always from thrilled wedding couples or events planners and organisers that can’t wait to see them perform for their next event. They always say the same thing, “amazing”, “blown away”, “cannot stop talking about them”, “what a great surprise, the biggest surprise of the day”.

Take the boring part out of the evening, usually right after dinner there is a little lull. Set the tone for the evening with the best in entertainment for wedding, private events and corporate occasions.

The Singing Waiters are one of our highly recommended acts. Book today, you won’t be disappointed.

Walkabout Entertainment

Walkabout entertainment enhances every event. We know that sometimes a band or DJ for your event just doesn’t do it. You need extra walkabout entertainment, sideline characters, artists or engaging talent to ensure your guests have a good time and enjoy your event to the max. Some of our walkabout entertainment features below however if you require a specific act or walkabout entertainment style whether it is street entertainment, corporate magician or an escape artist, we can book them all for your next party.

Caricaturist: we work with a variety of caricature artists who have worked around the world enhancing their skills and creating some amazing caricatures of guests, celebrities, friends and family. Place them at a particular station or as walkabout entertainment chatting and mixing with your guests, lightening the mood and adding value to your evening.

Photo-Booth: this has become hugely popular over recent years with a variety of options available like stationary booths dressed to suit your event, themed booths like Tuc-Tuc cars transformed into a trendy little photo booth or a mobile hand held unit with quick delivery of your event photos. Costumes can be supplied and every event can be catered for from 1 to 1,000.

Airbrush Tattoo Artist: many people love the thought of having a tattoo but have been too afraid to get one over the years so this is a great opportunity for your guests to test a tattoo and how they might really feel about having one. It will only last for approximately a week and for brands and products there is the option to include your name within the tattoo with custom stencils.

Fire Jugglers / Eaters: always a spectacle to watch and certainly announces that this is where the party is happening. We usually like to have these perform at the entrance and creates an ambiance as guests arrive getting the party started right from the moment they arrive.

Stilt Walkers: stilt walkers are also a great entrance character introducing the evening, welcoming guests and breaking the ice for many as they arrive to an unknown event where they need to be handed a quick drink to settle. Ice-breaking characters and walkabout entertainment is something we highly recommend as it just relaxes the atmosphere from the beginning and without questions enhances the rest of the evening.

Magician: always a favourite at parties and private events. A great magician can create an atmosphere by themselves and engage your guests in great moments for photographs and talking points for the evening if you feel that there may be gusts that don’t know each other. This gives them something in common before the party starts.

Mind Reader: another element of some of the close up magicians show. Mind reading is a very special act to have at your event when your guests are shocked and surprised by the skill and ability of these awe inspiring talents. They have a really friendly approach and will make your guests feel at hime in a moment.

Escape Artists: escape from a strait jacket, pad locked chains or even a tank of water. This is special entertainment and involves a little more than just walkabout entertainment but it certainly will get the mind working overtime with curiosity. Some of the other acts these perform include chain saw stunts, bed of nails, walking on fire and many moe. Not for the faint hearted!

Living Statues: the guy that doesn’t move, stays completely still until you throw a coin or do something to encourage that movement. The coin is usually the street entertainment version however for private event we customise this movement to suit your evening or brand if its a branded or themed event.

Acoustic Bands & Entertainment

Acoustic Bands and Entertainment.

Sometimes you don’t want a full scale party band yet you want to set the mood and create a nice ambiance for the evening. There is no better way to do this than with some live acoustic bands performing laid back relaxing music, particularly early in the early evening. As the evening progresses the performers will raise the tempo as required. They will mix and mingle or just stay in one desired location or on stage.

This type of entertainment can be lighter on your budget than a full scale band bringing a full band with five or six musicians, sound system, lighting system etc. It can release some of your budget for other areas like other mix and mingle walkabout entertainers, although we never recommend cutting back on the entertainment as this is the life and soul of any party. Nobody remembers the food or the decor. The entertainment will be remembered as they set the mood for the evening and enhance your guests memories.

We have acoustic performers that will work as a duo on guitars or even pianos, duelling pianos to be precise, as seen in Las Vegas many times. Hear the hits from a two piece acoustic band performing The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, Crash Test Dummies, Bryan Adams, Extreme, Hozier, Rod Stewart, Prince, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, The Beatles and many more. Later in the evening the tempo is raised with sing a long hits and a finale to leave everyone singing a hit like Hey Jude or Day We Caught The Train.

In the right environment and the correct setting, there is no better entertainment. It works in a rustic setting, on the beach or in a cozy room with attitude. It is possible to have this type of entertainment in a hotel ball room with sound system, it works but this is where we recommend using sound system, lighting and a full scale party band similar to Bogus Brothers, Dov Amiel Orchestra or MapleJacks.